Ever Wonder About the Costs That Make Up Your Monthly Local TV Bill?

By January 20, 2017Digital TV
Because we are a hometown business, we are invested in our community, our employee and our customers. With Network fees dramatically increasing and impacting your monthly bill, we wanted to help you better understand the economics of the TV business. All Satellite and Cable providers pay each Network owner (Programmer) a fee for every household that receives a particular Network – regardless of whether anyone in the household actually watches it.
  • These Network fees have increased dramatically at 3 ½ times the rate of inflation over the past 15 years.¹
  • Five media companies control 90% of the Networks, and while we work hard to keep these costs under control, they continue to use their power to demand more money.²
  • Programmers are securing long-term contracts with significant guaranteed Network fee increases, regardless of how many people watch.
(source: tvonmyside.com/pottawatomie; 1 SNL Kagan; 2 Ben Bagdikian, The Media Monopoly)